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Pacific Rim

Post by MaxySteel » Tue Nov 05, 2013 6:41 am

Obviously, the first thing would be to say that I thought the movie was freakin' awesome. I rarely go see movies in theater, and I went to see this one twice!

There were little flaws, *coughcough* the battle with the other three Jaegers was entirely too short *coughcough*, but the fight scenes were amazing.

.... and now when I go snowshoeing, I pretend I'm getting strapped into a mecha/Jaeger/whatever when I put my snowshoes on. Complete with mechanical whirring sound effects. My non-gamer/anime fan friends look at me like I'm a little nuts.

And Melissa, if *you* don't do a Max Steel/Pacific Rim crossover, I may have to. ^_^ Cause I have free time and stuff. *snort* Maybe it'll turn into a short something that'll get the juices flowing again.